EEMB 106 – Biology of Fishes (Fall quarter)

Co-taught with Prof Adrian Stier, this undergraduate course has both a lecture and lab component. We cover the evolution, ecology, and physiology of fishes. Students learn how fish are able to live, reproduce, and interact with a huge diversity of habitats.

EEMB 157B – Animal Physiology (Winter quarter)

This lecture-based undergraduate course examines the fundamentals of animal physiology. We cover the major systems including sensory, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, ion and water balance, digestion and energy metabolism, locomotion, and thermal physiology with an emphasis on animal diversity.

EEMB 507 – Introduction to Graduate Research (Fall quarter)

Co-taught with Prof Holly Moeller, this graduate course introduces incoming EEMB graduate students to the ‘hidden curriculum’ in graduate school. We explore topics such as finding your research passion, communication, tackling the literature, giving and receiving criticism, ethics, JEDI in academia.

EEMB 595EP – Advanced Topics in Ecological Physiology (Fall quarter)

This graduate student seminar explores advanced topics in Ecological Physiology. Course content is driven by graduate student interests and involves discussing both core, foundational literature and current, leading ideas.

FISHES OF EEMB 106 – Artwork by Tori Clements